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VIP Ticket 4 Combo Fixed Matches

VIP Ticket 4 Combo Fixed Matches

VIP Ticket 4 Combo Fixed Matches

Buy Next VIP Ticket for 05.02.2023 Sunday
Total odds between  100.00 – 150.00

The ticket what we selling is with 4 Fixed Matches. Tip on this 4/5 Fixed Matches is 1×2 or Over/Under Goals Betting. All 4/5 Matches are fixed and there is no way to lost.

Each Fixed combo has 4/5 matches, and the total odds is between 70 and 100.
Competitions that are part of the combo are obtained on the basis of information collected from players, coaches, judges, etc.
We receive information on the division of points between the two clubs, missing players, yellow and red cards, crisis in clubs, etc.
Fixed combo is a ticket recommended for serious betting players who play a higher bet. Our recommended bet for these combo (tickets) is between 50 and 500 euros per ticket, depending on your starting betting budget.

About the price and all other info please contact us.

E-mail address:  soccer.protips@yahoo.com
Whatsapp/Viber number: +389 78 223 458

We accept more Payment methods like: Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, We accept all Cryptocurrencies, MoneyGram, Ria Money and Western Union.

Date Home – Away Pick Odd Result
29.01.2023 Lazio – Fiorentina X (DRAW) 3.40 1:1 WON
29.01.2023 Omonia – Paphos X (DRAW) 3.20 0:0 WON
29.01.2023 Bielefeld – Sandhausen 2 (AWAY WIN) 3.75 1:2 WON
29.01.2023 Ascoli – Palermo 2 (AWAY WIN) 3.00 1:2 WON



Multi (or accumulator) betting is one of the most popular forms of punting and Soccer-protips.com. is committed to finding the best selections for consistent profit.

The biggest benefit of multi betting is that it multiples the odds for each selection you choose within a single stake. For example, betting on Germany to beat Czech Republic at odds of $1.38 in a single stake isn’t going to pay out much of a profit. However, if you were to include Romania beating Belarus at odds of $1.47, all of a sudden your two-leg multi would be paying odds of $2.00 and you are doubling your money if successful.

The more legs you include in your multi, the higher the odds will be – but also the risk becomes greater. The idea is to find the perfect balance and that’s where we come in. Our expert tipsters go to great lengths to analyse all betting trends, patterns, statistics and form to come up with the best and most value multis – and all of our picks are free to our readers.

Multi bets aren’t just restricted to H2H and win markets either. In football (or soccer), you can bet on BTTS (both teams to score), first goalscorer, total goals, handicap markets, double markets (Team A to win & over 2.5 goals), win to nil markets and many more.

Our football expert provides his best multi (accumulator) bets for a wide range of competitions, including the EPL, A-League, Champions League, Europa League, Internationals and more

Accurate predict Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches Sure Prediction

Accurate predict Fixed Matches

Accurate predict Fixed Matches

Real Betting Sites Fixed Matches
Day: Thursday Date: 21.07.2022

Match 1: Europa Conference League Qualification
Match: Vikingur R.(Ice) – TNS (Wal)

Tip: Over 2.5 Goals 
Odds: 1.80 Result: 2:0 

  Email: soccer.protips@yahoo.com

Whatsapp/Viber number: +389 78 223 458

Football hot fixed matches 1×2 tips

Various wagers offer the chance for large rewards from little stakes and they are hence quite possibly the most famous Accurate predict fixed matches. Experts, notwithstanding, frequently caution against them. This article investigates the advantages and disadvantages of various wagering. Peruse on to figure out how to utilize different wagers brilliant to expand your rewards.

The pre-web long periods of wagering on football 1×2 tips betting matches was a totally different encounter contrasted with the tremendous assortment of Accurate predict fixed matches right now accessible to bet on. Wagers were shop based and on account of football tips 1×2 betting numerous base limitations applied.

In the event that you wished to wager on a home win, for instance. It was normal for a base prerequisite of five matches to be remembered for a different before the Accurate predict fixed matches was acknowledged.

Away wins had a base limitation requiring high pitches and single wagers were just typically accessible on broadcast matches. The explanation refered to for these limitations frequently included fears of match fixing football.

Tracking down Accurate predict fixed matches

Esteem wagering is at the core of beneficial Accurate predict fixed matches and the idea is promptly outline by a coin throw.

In contrast to donning challenges, where a huge number of elements join to decide the chances for a specific result. The chances of say Heads showing up in a fair coin throw is precisely known ahead of time.

The likelihood of throwing a head is 0.5 and after some time the extent of Heads or Tails will tend towards half. Estimating such a basic challenge requires little expertise and the fair cost for calling a Head accurately is 2.0 in decimal chances.

Strong secure fixed bets big odds

Nonetheless, as shown in the article How accomplish Accurate predict fixed matches chances work, bookmakers will remember an edge for their cost by offering a somewhat second rate pay out to guarantee their drawn out benefit. The cost present for a Head to be thrown utilizing a fair coin will continuously by somewhat under 2.0 relying on the size of the bookmaker’s apply edge.

While the genuine chances for a coin throw are and an edge can be apply to guarantee productivity for the bookmaker. There is no comparative level of sureness while assessing the right costs for a football match 1×2 tips today.

In a football match 1×2 free tips for instance, a genuine even cash chance might be value at 2.1. Reliably detecting these potential open doors ensures a drawn out benefit for the bettor. In any case, wagering on singles has just a restrict benefit potential.

You can wager $10 to win $10 and you might well win half of the time. Yet what might be said about wagering to $10 to win $1,000 or $10,000?

The Geniuses of Accurate predict fixed matches

The vital benefit of mutliples over singles is the huge returns that can be produce using a somewhat little stake.

Joining three choices in conflict of 2.00, for instance, in a solitary high pitch. Marking $10, returns $80, which incorporates the stake. In the event that all determinations are fruitful and this ascents to $320, assuming that five choices are likewise consolidated.

Increment the quantity of choices or their separate chances. A lot bigger successes are conceivable, whenever consolidated in a numerous bet.

Hot fixed bets 1×2 tips today

As made sense of over, the chances incorporate the bookmaker’s edge. On account of a numerous, the in-construct edge is compound and works for the bettor.

Three genuine even cash occasions, for instance, joined in a high pitch and estimated at 2.1 have a 12.5% possibility happening with a compensation out of $93 for a stake of $10.

So expecting such worth bets can be consistently obtain, the utilization of products can upgrade gets back essentially.

A fair warning

It is vital to recollect however that a solitary loss prompts a losing various.

Carolina Panthers, for instance, were extraordinarily preferred on the cash line to proceed with their unbeaten season while going to Atlanta with a 14-0 record last season. Yet it was their less liked divisional opponents who took the success, 20-13.

Because of normal variety, these genuine even cash chances can’t be ensure to show up.  Join with metronomic consistency. Despite the fact that 12.5% of such bets will find actual success in the long haul.

Fixed Matches Draw Today

Fixed Matches 1×2 Draw

Fixed Matches Draw Today

Fixed Matches Draw Today

Real Betting Sites Fixed Matches
Day: Wedensday Date: 13.04.2022

League: GERMANY RegionalLIGA Nordost
Match: Lokomotive Leipzig – Chemnitzer
Tip: Both To Score  (BTTS YES)
Odds: 1.80 Result: 1:2 WON

League: SWITZERLAND Promotion league

Match: Bellinzona – Breitenrain
Tip: Both To Score  (BTTS YES)
Odds: 1.77   Result: 1:2 WON

  Email: soccer.protips@yahoo.com

WhatsApp support: +389 75 692 750

Real Fixed Match Betting Football

Fixed Matches Draw Today have a bigger impact on games than a lot of people think. This is why we strongly recommend taking the ability of a head coach into account when assessing the overall quality of teams. There are also certain coaching trends that are worth looking out for.

For example, when betting the Fixed matches draw today for a game you might want to look at whether the respective coaches have track records of playing especially aggressively or especially defensively. This is very useful information when trying to assess how many points are likely to be scored.

There are countless other examples too. Some coaches show trends for doing especially well against defensive teams. Other coaches show trends for doing rather poorly against fast paced teams. Some coaches do very well when playing stronger teams, other coaches tend to do badly in high profile games. This kind of information can be very valuable when trying to make assessments about likely outcomes. So please, by all means, study coaching trends.

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There’s one particular coaching trend that we’ve found to be very rewarding over the years, and that’s Fixed matches draw today trends. These can help you understand just how seriously coaches take 1 day football daily tips.

Verified sites for Fixed Matches

Knowing a coach’s attitude towards Fixed matches draw today can be very helpful if you choose to bet on these games. If a coach who takes them seriously is up against a coach who doesn’t, then that’s obviously a significant piece of information. It’s not enough by itself to tell you which way to bet, but it’s certainly a great indicator. The following articles explain this in more detail, along with other things to consider when betting on Fixed matches draw today.

Bye Week Trends

We touched on bye week trends earlier. We believe they can be very helpful, and they’re absolutely essential to consider if you plan on using the bye week strategy. This strategy is based entirely on placing your money on teams in their first game following a bye week. So it obviously helps to know how they perform in such circumstances.

Additional tags for this post: Verified Site for Fixed Matches – Legit Site for Fixed Matches;

Legit Fixed Matches 1×2

The most basic version of the bye week strategy is to simply automatically bet on teams immediately after their bye week. Bet-at-home the best place for betting. This is extremely flawed, as it doesn’t take anywhere near enough factors into consideration. But it can be a reasonable strategy when the necessary adjustments are made. All you need to do is study exactly how well individual teams tend to perform after their bye week. If there’s a trend that shows a team usually does very well, then you’ve got a good reason to back them. If no trend exists for a team, then maybe the bye week doesn’t benefit that team as much as others.

Bounce Back Trends

How do you think most teams respond to a heavy defeat? Or after losing a heartbreaker? Or after losing to a big rival? It’s natural to assume that teams are going to be really fire up after such results. And will go all out in their next game and have an amazing performance. But, as with almost all aspects of football betting winning tips 1×2, making such assumptions is dangerous.